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VGM CMS - Content Management with a powerful CMS

Your website design + VGM CMS Software = Your web solutions

Not just a simple Content Management System (CMS) that's easy to use, but a full fledged web site.  The VGM CMS solution is built to handle the various aspects of any website, and provide simple content management at the same time.  Now your business can present itself in a manner you never thought possible.

See above for a small sample of our work this year.   

Benefits of VGM CMS

        1. Non technical users can easily navigate through VGM CMS. Small text changes can easily be done in under 2 mins.

      1. No limit on how many pages you can add.

      2. Access your VGM CMS from anywhere you have internet access (Compatible with Mac and PC)

      3. Upload photos and PDF files easily to your site.

      4. Multiple staff members can make changes to the site at the same time.

      5. No need to install special software, it all runs online, so you’re not restricted to just one computer.

      6. Receive a one hour training session on your VGM CMS at handover.

  1. VGM CMS Modules:

  2. VGM CMS Shopping cart CMS module

  3. VGM CMS product catalogues

  4. VGM CMS E-newsletter CMS Module with campaign tracking built into the site

  5. Ticket purchasing, calendar, and VGM CMS Events CMS modules

Read more about the VGM CMS Module here

Why VGM Solutions?

  1. 1.Local Support*:  You are allocated a dedicated Account Manager who will come out to see you to get an understanding of your business and your requirements.  This Account Manager will then take on your project from end to end, reporting back to you on the progress of your site keeping you informed and in control, allowing you to get back to what is really important - running your business.

  2. 2.Qualified Professionals:  A qualified Graphic Designer and stable, reliable programmers are then briefed on your requirements for the design and functionality of your new VGM CMS website package, giving you the confidence that your end result will be cutting edge and professional.

  3. 3.Training & Support*:  Just before your site is scheduled to go live, your dedicated Account Manager will sit with you one on one and take you through your site, showing you how it works and how to get started. 

  4. 4.VGM CMS WORKS!:  If you know how to use Microsoft Word, then you will have no troubles navigating through your new VGM CMS.  VGM CMS is designed for the non technical user to create and maintain their own fully functional website and digital marketing products.  Once VGM CMS is at your finger tips you will be motivated to start those campaigns you once thought were out of your reach.

  5. 5.The Price:  The greatest result for VGM Solutions is watching the reaction of our clients when they are handed over their new site.  They now have at their finger tips the tools to position themselves and their business at a level they never thought possible within their budget today.  As there are many modules you can choose from, and every business is unique, VGM Solutions prefers to speak with you personally to discuss what options are available to you within your budget today.

  6. 6.

        For full details of what is included in your VGM CMS package, click here

  1. 7.*VGM Solutions is now servicing clients on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Region of NSW for VGM CMS local face to face servicing.  All other areas will have access to phone support to your closest office.