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Digital Marketing

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Our Services

Results driven advertising relies on more than big budgets. With advertising budgets tighter than ever, every dollar must count.

With VGM Solutions advising you on your advertising and PR activities, you will be drawing from various sector and industry experience, ensuring that your solutions will stand out from your competitors.

We do it all.  Above the line.  Below the line.  Through the line. Direct Marketing. Digital. New Media.  Old Media

We can help you:

  1.     On a regular basis,

  2.     On a project by project basis

  3.     As a reliable resource for seasonal activities or when key staff take leave.

Contact us today to arrange a one hour no obligation meeting to discuss your needs.

Send us a brief or we will are more than happy to come out to see you for a no obligation one hour chat.  Write a brief, Now

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